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Injury Prevention Project


We strongly believe that it is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

Tearing the ACL, as an example, often leads to either other injuries, arthritis, or both. We help people maintain optimal levels of athletic performance while preventing common injuries.

To do this, we offer several research-based sports injury prevention programs that target specific muscles, joints, and movements to reduce the risk of common injuries. If you’re ready to get serious about active recovery, you’re in the right place!

What Others Are Saying


My experience with David was excellent. After sustaining a 3rd ACL injury, I had lost much of my confidence and was very cautious with any movement. As an athlete, I needed to get this back as soon as possible. David worked with me to help not only with strengthening my knee, but also with restoring my confidence. By introducing various sport specific activities, including power lifts and plyometrics, I was able to ease my way back in a controlled environment, so when I completed my therapy, I was ready to get back to athletics with the necessary confidence to succeed.


I began working with David in 2003 to rehab an injury sustained while training for an NFL try out. Since then, I’ve been seeing him off and on as needed over the past many years. As my athletic endeavors changed from football to mixed martial arts, I found David to be accommodating in his approach to my rehab. The list of injuries that he has helped is extensive; IT band attachment, hamstring tear, broken hand, ankle impingement, broken foot and a torn abdominal to name a few. Each time David focuses not only on returning me back to my normal life, but making sure that I don’t lose anything athletically as a result of the injury. Most times, the injured part ends up being stronger and more functional than before the injury occurred.


After months of hard work training for my first full marathon, I pulled a muscle in my leg. I had no idea what it was, and the doctor couldn’t give me any advice other than to rest. With race day approaching, he said I wouldn’t be running. This of course was not an option for me! I contacted David for another opinion. David and his staff assured me that there was a good chance I could rehab my leg in time for the race, if that was something I was committed to doing. With this new found attitude I began treatment and was given stretches and strengthening exercises to work on. After 4 weeks of physical therapy, I was back to running. I didn’t think it was possible, but the expertise and advice of Omaha Sports Physical Therapy allowed me to complete my first marathon in 4:01- a time I had hoped for BEFORE I was injured! Thanks to them, I have continued to improve my strength and endurance, and continue to perform the exercises they gave me to prevent any recurring problems. I have achieved a number of goals since my injury and rehab. This year I ran a PR 5K in 21:31, a PR 5 mile in 35:27, and a PR ½ marathon in 1:40. My second full marathon is a week away, and I am hoping to finish in 3:30 and qualify for the Boston Marathon in April! With much appreciation, Jill


David Potach is one of the best sports training and rehab minds I have run across in my 15 years as a competitive athlete and his information and training methods are always on the cutting edge of science. Over the course of the six years I’ve had a relationship with David, I have referred in several friends and loved ones to him and will continue to do so without reservation. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me David.


I am a marathoner & have been working with David for several years now for my minor running injuries. Not only has David helped me to get back to regular training, he is also an athlete who provides physical stretching & exercising as well as advice for cross training & other activities. With his expertise, I have learned a lot about challenging myself without overdoing my running. Over time, I have become a better and more consistent runner and have stayed away from many of the smaller injuries that had been much more frequent a few years ago. I attribute much of this success to the help & the things I have learned from David. I trust his experience & advice to strengthen me to get back to my training when I am injured. The best example I can give to this is preparing for the Boston Marathon & I got a heel injury about 8 weeks before the race. The timing was horrible, but I worked with David on a program to calm the inflammation, strengthen it & work my way back into running. I took it all on faith that they knew what they were doing & that marathon turned out to be my best Boston Marathon up to that point. I look forward to continuing to work with David.


My experience was more than I could ask for. David and his team were so helpful and educated, I always knew I was in good hands. I’ve never worked with someone as helpful and I knew my main goal was his number one priority. I would definitely suggest David to anybody who asked my opinion!.


I first worked with David Potach in seventh grade to help prevent the tearing of my ACL, but that was only the beginning. Over the years I have visited David a good amount of times. He really knows what he is doing and always strives to do his best in getting his customers/patients back to 100% in as little time as possible.


As a runner for the last 30 years I understand the importance of proper rehab and conditioning to remain in the sport I love. After a significant injury cost me three months training I began working with David. With his guidance this year is turning out to be my best year in almost 2 decades, including running my first marathon since in ten years. I highly recommend David to our running community.


Thank you Dave so much for everything that you did for me. I really had a fun time with you! Thank you for helping me do a lot better on making my knees stronger and improving my vertical jump.


How can I begin to express my sincere gratitude? In these last two months I’m not only had my physical recovery aided, but I’ve also had the rare opportunity to see compassion and sacrifice at its finest. David, I can’t say that I’m glad I injured myself in the first place, but I’m certainly honored to have met and worked with you.


The time and effort you have put into my growth and intelligence as a plyer and a person is beyond anything I could have asked for. I am ten times stronger and faster than when I arrived.


My leg was broken in November during an ice hockey practice. I was in a full leg cast for about 5-weeks. The cast was removed and I started my physical therapy with David Potach and his staff. I was uncomfortable and nervous at first but he made me feel at ease. David’s knowledge, rehab practices and motivation helped me get back on the ice and playing in a tournament in January. I highly recommend David to help you recover from your injuries. Thanks for everything David!


David and his entire staff are amazing. The first time I met David I could tell how much he cares about getting his clients back to doing what they love. He was very thorough and really took the time to figure out exactly what was needed in order for me to run again. David goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to his clients. I have small children and it was very hard for me to fit physical therapy into my schedule. David was willing to meet me at 6:30 am so I could complete my physical therapy. His willingness to come in so early for me was just one way in which David shows dedication to his clients. I strongly recommend David to all of my friends and family.

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