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We strongly believe that it is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

Tearing the ACL, as an example, often leads to either other injuries, arthritis, or both. We would like to prevent that.

To do this, we offer several research-based sports injury prevention programs that target specific muscles, joints, and movements to reduce the risk of common injuries.

How it Works

A straightforward, easy process

Learning the right exercises to reduce injury risk is important. But a plan to safely progress those exercises while also instilling consistent exercise is essential. Our programs do just that. By signing up and following our step-by-step approach, preventing injuries is just a click away.

What We Offer

Focused on the athlete’s well-being, not profits.

Injury Prevention Project

Reduced Injury Rate

Sports injury prevention programs reduce rates of injury. Every research article performed has shown a reduction in those rates, most around 50% to 66% reduction, some up to 75%. But they are simply not being used.

Injury Prevention Project

Improved Performance

While the focus of our programs is to reduce injury rates during sports, one of the benefits is improved performance. Simply put, those who participate in these programs become better athletes.

Injury Prevention Project

Why Online?

Convenience. We provide sports injury prevention services to athletes to allow them to participate in the activities they love by using high definition, 4K video-based learning programs that can be performed at any time and in any location.

Injury Prevention Project

Benefits of Youth Athletics

Kids who are physically active are one-tenth as likely to be obese, less likely to have chronic disease, and more likely to stay in school. Sports participation improves relationships, builds confidence, and strengthens resilience.
Injury Prevention Project

Lifelong Learning

Physically active children score higher on tests and are more likely to go to college. Sports help reinforce learning concepts and habits like repetition and problem-solving. Those skills, along with the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning, are transferable to the classroom and life.

Premature Retirement

Previously injured athletes retire at a higher rate than athletes without previous injuries, up to 70% reduction in sports participation. In other words, when injured, many simply do not return to previous activity levels.

Injury Prevention Project

Lifetime Membership

When signing up, you receive lifetime access to that program. We frequently update the programs, so this extended access will benefit you long indefinitely.

Injury Prevention Project

Why Nonprofit?

We believe our focus should be on creating programs that help athletes prevent injuries while achieving their goals. We don’t focus on profits.


Every exercise of every program on our site has a purpose and every program is supported by research studies.

Exercise Instruction

Our goal is to teach athletes how to prevent sports injuries.

We believe the best way to do that is through the use of video. We have compiled a library of hundreds of exercise videos to do just that. Check out this video for an example of some of our videos.

What People Are Saying

How can I begin to express my sincere gratitude? In these last two months I’m not only had my physical recovery aided, but I’ve also had the rare opportunity to see compassion and sacrifice at its finest. I’m certainly honored to have met and worked with you.



Thank you so much for everything that you did for me.  I really had a fun time with you! Thank you for helping me do a lot better on making my knees stronger and improving my vertical jump.


High School Soccer

My experience was excellent. After sustaining a third ACL injury, I had lost much of my confidence and was very cautious with any movement. As an athlete, I needed to get this back as soon as possible.  I not only with strengthened my knee, but also restored my confidence. By introducing various sport specific activities, including power lifts and plyometrics, I was ready to get back to athletics with the necessary confidence to succeed


College Crew

As a runner for the last 30 years I understand the importance of proper rehab and conditioning to remain in the sport I love.  After a significant injury cost me three months training I began working with Injury Prevention.  With their guidance this year is turning out to be my best year in almost 2 decades.  I highly recommend them to my athletes and to the running community as well.



My experience was more than I could ask for. The programs were so helpful and so up to date, I always knew I was in good hands. I would definitely suggest them to anybody who asked my opinion!


College Soccer

David is one of the best sports training and rehab minds I have run across in my 15 years as a competitive athlete and his information and training methods are always on the cutting edge of science. Over the course of the six years I’ve had a relationship with him, I have referred in several friends and loved ones there and will continue to do so without reservation.  Thanks for everything you’ve done for me David.



The time and effort you have put into my growth and intelligence as a player and a person is beyond anything I could have asked for.  I am ten times stronger and faster than when I started.


College Soccer

I spent a summer working with Injury Prevention Project.  It was clear from the start that they have a terrific eye for performance, and are able to develop creative programs to help athletes do what they do best, and hopefully, do them better.  The staff obviously exudes passion for the industry, and I would recommend any person who participates in any sort of competitive athletics (high school, college, or recreational) to work with them.


College Basketball

Our Most Popular Programs

We offer a variety of programs to fit your needs. Here are some of the most popular.

Running Injury Prevention

We believe in running. And we believe your reason is as important as any other. But to achieve your goal, you must stay healthy. We believe that training to reduce your injury risk will help you rediscover the joy, the excitement, the pleasure, the why of running.

ACL Injury Prevention

Our ACL injury prevention program builds on eight principles of training to help you reduce your risk of ACL tear as much as possible. ACL injury prevention is about being stronger and more explosive. It is also about using better technique and developing greater fitness.

Hamstrings Injury Prevention

Our Hamstrings injury prevention program builds on eight principles of training to help you reduce your risk of hamstring tear and strain. Hamstring health requires performance of specific strength exercises and developing greater overall fitness.

We’ve Worked With Athletes From:

Creighton Bluejays

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Subscription Programs

These injury prevention programs send workouts to you each week. Each week will have different focus and each will build off the previous week’s program.

Running Programs

Our running programs help you achieve your running-related goals in a safe, research-supported manner. 

Free Programs

Our free injury prevention programs provide an introduction to our research-based model of injury prevention programming.