Passionate About Preventing Injuries

We think there is a better way to reduce the risk of injury and we think it can done with one focus in mind . . . the athlete’s well-being, not a company’s profits.

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Our Story

How We Got Started

Injury Prevention Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to provide high-standard, research-based programs that promote activity and health for individuals, groups, and teams by reducing their risk of injury in sports and exercise participation. While many injuries are unavoidable, research tells us the risk of most can be reduced, especially for at-risk groups, such as middle and high school age females.

Where We Are Now

We have used these programs to reduce injury risk up to 75%. To be sure, efforts in recent years have expanded our understanding of how to prevent injuries, but limitations in people, financial resources, time, and technology in urban and rural areas has meant very little progress, resulting in an ever increasing rate of specific injuries, like ACL tears. For example, the annual number of soccer-related injuries among 7- to 17-year-olds increased 111% from 1990 to 2014.

Our Goal

To reach those in at-risk groups in ways and times that are convenient for them. We then aim to teach them how to reduce the risk of those injuries, thereby preventing long term adverse health events, like surgeries and (eventually) arthritis.

This (providing quality sporting opportunities for every child, regardless of zip code or ability) has to become a priority in our society. This affects all of us. Play and nutrition and overall investment in our kids — whether they can read and think and engage — it’s just not enough for us to be okay with so many kids not having that at an excellent level. So whatever the dollar figure is, as a society, as taxpayers and as corporate America — we should figure out how much that costs, and then pay for it. Period.
-Michelle Obama, 2016

About Us

Injury Prevention Project is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization whose sole purpose is to provide injury prevention services to athletes to allow them to participate in the activities they love. We do this by providing evidence-based exercise programming, education, and research grants. Through these programs, athletes improve their health and performance while maximizing their resilience and resistance to injury. We do this to stem the growing tide of premature retirement from sports, to lessen the risk of long-term joint damage, to reduce childhood obesity, and to improve the public’s overall health and well-being. Our online platform creates easy access to this program. Injury Prevention Project relies on the donations of individuals, corporations and organizations to provide these services in a cost-effective, easily-accessible manner.

A letter from our CEO

Injury Prevention Project

I’ve seen some of the great things sports participation brings. Teamwork. Confidence. Consistency. Facing adversity. Fitness. Healthy lifestyles. Resilience. And so on. 

Participating in sport and exercise improves mental health, school achievement, and success in life.

But I’ve also seen the heartache injury and premature retirement bring, negatively impacting those well-known benefits. Sport- and exercise-related injuries have reached near epidemic proportions and the rates continue to climb. Research has shown specific exercise programs reduce this risk, but they are not often performed due to time, cost, or both.

Our goal is for all of us–regardless of sporting level and goals, regardless of financial ability to afford guidance, regardless of location on a map–to live healthy, active lives. We want to show that hard work pays off . . . that research matters. And that those things matter not just here but globally as well. We believe  high-standard, research-based programs using a multi-tiered, convenient, economically-sensitive approach can do just that.

Because of this, I founded Injury Prevention Project to promote activity and health for individuals, groups, and teams by:

    • Teaching individual athletes how to reduce injury risk
    • Assisting coaches and teams with the implementation of team-based injury prevention programming
    • Bring formal injury prevention programs to all schools no matter the location
    • Reducing childhood obesity
    • Helping those in international/underserved countries
    • Supporting scientific injury prevention research

Therefore, I am asking for your help to improve our community by either donating to our non-profit organization, or by getting started in one of our programs. Let’s work together to help make a healthier, more active environment.

Sincerely yours, 

David Potach
Founder and CEO
Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Empowering people to stay active by teaching injury reduction strategies in sport, exercise and life

Our Mission

Empowering people to stay active by teaching injury reduction strategies in sport, exercise and life

Our Vision

Shaping the future of activity participation through online programming and research.

Our Beliefs

Evidence-based exercise improves health

Online programming offers a convenient, research-supported approach

Reduced, need-based pricing should be an option for all

Sports and exercises participation: Improves relationships by teaching teamwork, Builds confidence, and Enhances resilience

We can make a difference

Subscription Programs

These injury prevention programs send workouts to you each week. Each week will have different focus and each will build off the previous week’s program.

Running Programs

Our running programs help you achieve your running-related goals in a safe, research-supported manner. 

Free Programs

Our free injury prevention programs provide an introduction to our research-based model of injury prevention programming.