Injury Prevention

Running is a joy, it’s fun, it’s a way to clear our minds or stay in shape
Marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k . . . 60% of runners have some form of injury. It might even seem that getting hurt and having our training interrupted is inevitable. 

But it doesn’t need to be.



Eight Principles

Research has demonstrated that by following eight principles of training, you can significantly reduce your risk of injury, regardless of the race distance. In addition, adhering to these tenets, your performance and enjoyment will also increase. 


Both general strength and strength of specific muscles reduces injury risk. This is the cornerstone of our Running Injury Prevention Program.


Running is essentially jumping from one foot to the other. By learning how to do this in a progressive manner, injury is reduced and performance is improved.


As it is with many things in life, the more consistently you train (both running workouts and injury prevention workouts), the better the result.


We rely on science and research in all we do. No gimmicks, no fads. Countless research articles have been published that support our running injury prevention program.


Every part of your training should have a reason; there must be a purpose to every run–some easy, some long, some speed–and exercise–some strength, some endurance, some corrective.


When training to improve results, the body must be steadily overloaded in a progressive manner. This improves results, but it also trains the body to tolerate higher and higher workloads.


In general terms, the more in shape a runner is in, the better he or she can tolerate the stresses running and training causes. Participating in a structured, progressive running program helps with this.


Recovery must be built into any injury prevention program. While there are exercises and activities that can be done daily, most programs require specific rest days and recovery techniques. 

Rediscover your why

Why do you run?

We all run for reasons unique to us. For some . . . the challenge. For others . . . to win. For others . . . to improve health and fitness. For others . . . the pure love of running. For others . . . to complete a marathon. Or half marathon. Or 10k. Or 5k.

We believe in running. And we believe your reason is as important as any other. But to achieve your goal, you must stay healthy. We believe that training to reduce your injury risk will help you rediscover the joy, the excitement, the pleasure, the why of running.

The Program

How We Do It!

Our running injury prevention program builds on our eight principles of training to help you reduce your risk of running injury as much as possible. Running injury prevention can include stretching, but it should not be a focus. It can also include choosing specific shoes, but that should also not be a focus.

Instead, our goal is to improve your strength, power, and tolerance to running stress in a gradual, progressive manner. Doing this consistently, and in a research-based manner will help you run with less risk of injury and greater enjoyment.

The running injury prevention program is 8 weeks long and is based on strength and plyometric exercises shown to reduce injury risk. You will receive access to high definition videos with detailed explanations. We supplement that with running strategies, recovery tips, and activities to do on off days. A new weekly plan will be emailed to you each week. 


What is included?

When you sign up, you will receive immediate access to the first week’s training schedule. 

Over the next seven weeks (eight total weeks), you will receive an email granting access to the next week’s training plan.

Each week’s training schedule will include:

  • Two new injury prevention workouts; each workout will include specific exercises (with video demonstration), sets, reps, and weights for each
  • Recommended workout sessions to supplement the injury prevention workouts
  • Tips regarding technique and other steps you can take to reduce injury risk

What is the cost?

Less than $10 per session.

The price for our Running Injury Prevention Program is $100. This includes two sessions per week for eight weeks; 16 total sessions with video instruction. This works out to well under $10 per session.

Compare this with a physical therapist or personal trainer who will collect at least $50 per session.

We also understand that life happens and that $100 is a lot for many. That shouldn’t be a barrier. Therefore, we have a financial assistance program to help those that need it.

Injury Prevention should be available for all; this is how we make that possible.

Injury Prevention


Who should use this program?

Our Running Injury Prevention program is designed for runners of all ages. It is appropriate for both beginners and those who have run for years. 

When should I use this program?

While it can be used successfully at any time, inserting this program during your off-season schedule makes the most sense.

A different model

Convenient . . . Non-Profit

Low Cost

There are many other options for injury prevention programs. Many of them, however, are focused on business profits. We are not. Injury Prevention Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our focus is on making leading injury prevention programs available to as many people as possible. One of the ways we do that by keeping costs down.


The other way we improve accessibility is by making our program one that can be done at times and places convenient for you. We provide the program components and a general outline of when they should be done, you choose the specific times. 

Running Injury Prevention

Our Promise

Consider this our guarantee

It is impossible for us, or anyone else, to guarantee you will not become injured. But, if performed consistently, our running injury prevention program of strength, plyometric, and training exercises will dramatically reduce your risk of injury. 

Strength training, especially of specific movements and muscle groups, reduces the injury risk of runners. Hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, core . . . these are all important areas for both injury prevention and for better running. But these cannot be done randomly, they must be part of a structured program. And the program must be done consistently.

Sign up for our program. Give it a consistent, focused effort. We know that if you do that, your risk of injury will go down, and  you will be pleased with your progress and results.


The Weekly Email

The weekly email you receive includes a link to the program. The program indicates research-based exercises are to be performed in a specific order and a prescribed number of times. Each exercise has both a written description and a video demonstration to help teach you proper technique.

Click on the video link above for a sneak peak of what we offer.

Expert Coaching

We believe that expertise equals better results. Our running injury prevention program was designed by a coach with extensive experience. Our staff includes a Board-Certified sports physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and injury prevention resource. We have combined these experiences to design a program for your benefit.


Our programs are designed to be affordable to all who need them. While $100 might not sound inexpensive, when compared to seeing a personal trainer or physical therapist for in-person injury prevention services, $100 will cover one session. Our program is eight weeks long and includes programming for every day; at $100, that works out to just over $6 per session. If the price is an issue, we understand and invite you to apply for financial assistance. We will do our best to work with you. We believe in our program and want you to be successful when you run.

Over time, I have become a better and more consistent runner and have stayed away from many of the smaller injuries that had been much more frequent a few years ago. I took it all on faith that they knew what they were doing & that marathon turned out to be my best Boston Marathon up to that point.

Dani, 10 time Boston Marathon finisher

Dani-Running Injury Prevention

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