Running Programs

Our running programs rely on our research-based approach to maximize the safety and success of all who run. With these programs, we email a program that covers training to help you achieve your goal.

More programs and distances are being added each week, check back for more!

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Research has demonstrated that by following principles of training, you can safely, effectively improve running performance, regardless of the distance. In addition, adhering to these tenets, your performance and enjoyment will also increase. 

Strength & Plyometrics

Both strength and explosiveness of specific muscles Improves running performance. To include this, check out our running injury prevention programs.


As it is with many things in life, the more consistently you train (both general training and ACL prevention workouts), the better the result.


We rely on science and research in all we do. No gimmicks, no fads. Countless research articles have been published that support our ACL injury prevention program.


When training to improve results, the body must be steadily overloaded in a progressive manner. This improves results, but it also trains the body to tolerate higher and higher workloads.


Every part of your training should have a reason; there must be a purpose to every exercise–some strength, some explosive, some corrective.


Recovery must be built into any ACL injury prevention program. While there are exercises and activities that can be done daily, most programs require specific rest days and recovery techniques. 



Depending on your training experience and previous running history, we offer different Running programs to help you safely achieve your goals.



Marathon Training

At 26.2 miles (42.2 km), the marathon is one of the original Olympic events and one of the longest running races held. Our marathon training programs use the latest research to put you in the best position to run your best marathon. We offer programs of for every goal and level of running. Click to learn more.

2 Programs

Half Marathon Training

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10k Training

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5k Training

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Cross Country Training

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What is included?

When you sign up, you will receive immediate access to the training schedule.

Each program includes weekly workouts, each with a different focus.

What is the cost?

Free to $25.

The price for our Running programs range from free to $25. 

Compare this with a personal trainer or coach who will collect at least $50 per session.

Research-based running programs should be available for all; we make that possible.

Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention

A different model

Convenient . . . Non-Profit

Low Cost

There are many other options for runningn programs. Many of them, however, are focused on business profits. We are not. Injury Prevention Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our focus is on making leading injury prevention programs available to as many people as possible. One of the ways we do that by keeping costs down.


The other way we improve accessibility is by making our program one that can be done at times and places convenient for you. We provide the running program components and a schedule of when they should be done, you choose the specific times.

Running Injury Prevention

Our Promise

Consider this our guarantee

It is impossible for us, or anyone else, to guarantee you will achieve your running goals. But, if performed consistently, our running programs will improve your results and will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals. 

Sign up for one of our running programs. Give it a consistent, focused effort. We know that if you do that, your risk of injury will go down, your performance will improve, and  you will be pleased with your progress and results.

Subscription Programs

These injury prevention programs send workouts to you each week. Each week will have different focus and each will build off the previous week’s program.

Running Programs

Our running programs help you achieve your running-related goals in a safe, research-supported manner. 

Free Programs

Our free injury prevention programs provide an introduction to our research-based model of injury prevention programming.