Our Running Programs

Our running programs rely on our research-based approach to maximize the safety and success of all who run. With these programs, we email a program that covers training to help you achieve your goal.

More programs and distances are being added each week, check back for more!

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Marathon Training

At 26.2 miles (42.2 km), the marathon is one of the original Olympic events and one of the longest running races held. Our marathon training programs use the latest research to put you in the best position to run your best marathon. We offer programs of for every goal and level of running. Click to learn more.

2 Programs

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Subscription Programs

These injury prevention programs send workouts to you each week. Each week will have different focus and each will build off the previous week’s program.

Running Programs

Our running programs help you achieve your running-related goals in a safe, research-supported manner. 

Free Programs

Our free injury prevention programs provide an introduction to our research-based model of injury prevention programming.