Hamstring Injury Prevention

The hamstrings are three muscles on the back of the thigh and play a very important role when participating in sports.
They help athletes run and sprint faster. They also help reduce the risk of other injuries, like the ACL. When they are injured, it can be devastating to a season. Hamstring injury prevention is possible.

Soccer, football, baseball, dance, running, and cheer . . . while these are some of the most likely athletes to experience hamstring strains, these injuries impact the ability of many athletes to compete in their favorite sporting activities.

We’d like to do something to prevent hamstring injuries.

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Our hamstring injury prevention program builds on our eight principles of training to help you reduce your risk of hamstring strains as much as possible. Hamstring injury prevention is about more than simply stretching; it is means you need to be more explosive while being stronger in specific ways. It is also about building resilience and developing greater fitness.

Our program helps to improve your strength, power, and tolerance to sporting stress in a gradual, progressive manner. Doing this consistently, and in a research-based manner will help you compete with less risk of injury and greater enjoyment.

The hamstring injury prevention program is 8 weeks long and is based on general strength, hamstring-focused strength, and plyometric exercises shown to reduce hamstring injury risk.

You will receive access to high definition videos with detailed explanations. We supplement that with training strategies, recovery tips, and activities to do on off days. A new weekly plan will be emailed to you each week.

When you sign up, you will receive  an email within 24 hours that grants you access to the first week’s training schedule. Over the next seven weeks (eight total weeks), you will receive an email granting access to the next week’s training plan. Each week’s training schedule will include:

  • Two new injury prevention workouts; each workout will include specific exercises (with video demonstration of each) with sets, reps, and weights for each
  • Recommended workout sessions to supplement the injury prevention workouts
  • Tips regarding technique and other steps you can take to reduce injury risk

Additional information

Who should use this program?

Our Hamstrings Injury Prevention program is designed for both novice and experienced athletes in many sports, but especially those that rely on these muscles more than others. Sports and activities include:


When should I use this program?

While it can be used successfully at any time, inserting this program during your off-season schedule makes the most sense

How does it work?

Sign up for the program
In 24-hours, you will receive an email with a link to the first Weekly Email
Perform the exercises in the order provided for the number of days per week indicated
Each week, you will receive a new email with a link to a new program

The Weekly Email

The weekly email you receive includes a link to the program. The program indicates research-based exercises are to be performed in a specific order and a prescribed number of times. Each exercise has both a written description and a video demonstration to help teach you proper technique


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