Returning to Sport After Gymnastics Injuries

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Emily A Sweeney; David R Howell; David A James; Morgan N Potter; Aaron J Provance.


Acute and overuse injuries are a common experience for artistic gymnasts; however, this population has unique needs when returning to their sport after an injury due to the technical demands imposed during gymnastics. We reviewed the current literature regarding return to play (RTP) in artistic gymnasts and developed four goals: 1) to define the guiding principles used to determine RTP in sports, 2) to identify factors that affect recovery progression among gymnasts, 3) to determine how different injury types affect RTP protocols, and 4) to create structured RTP protocols specific to gymnasts based on sex and body part injured. By establishing these guidelines, we hope to provide guidance to medical providers through a standardized approach for returning gymnasts to their sport.


Sweeney EA, Howell DR, James DA, Potter MN, Provance AJ. Returning to Sport After Gymnastics Injuries. Curr Sports Med Rep. 2018;17(11):376-390. doi:10.1249/JSR.0000000000000533

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